My story

I’m pleased you are interested in my website and work. I have a great passion for design, especially graphic design. I started making my own websites and other design activities at the age of 12. Recently I graduated as a graphic designer at SintLucas, Boxtel, The Netherlands. Presently I work as a freelance graphic designer.  I love to make all types of advertisements and corporate designs, for which I, preferentially, do the photography myself. As a media designer, I particularly use art history as a source of inspiration. In addition to graphic design, my second and probably even main passion is conceptualization / storytelling. There is nothing that satisfies (and yields!) more than a well thought-out and developed concept. Interested in my projects, activities and/or résumé? Check the contact section for links to Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest, or send me a message.


Valérie Simons